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The Vital Voice: March 2016


I recently had an article written about me in the Vital Voice and I just wanted to share it with my viewers!

Molding Modern History: Ted Wight

Written by Kevin Schmidt, kevin@thevitalvoice.com

There’s no place like home. True. But what if there was something better out there? Home is where your heart is, but it’s Ted Wight’s job to make you fall in love all over again with something exceptional. He is the go-to guy for St. Louis homes that are “architecturally interesting.” It’s the guideline that governs his portfolio, and what he has in his stash is beyond interesting. From sprawling estates to historic urban mansions, Bernoudy-designed modern homes to chic condos, his listings are made to sell. In short, the man is killing it right now.

“If you would Google mid-century homes for sale in St. Louis, I’ll be on the first page,” Ted says. “Hopefully number one or number two.”

Exceptional may come at a price tag, but it does not necessarily mean that it is unattainable. “The one thing that I run into is that, ‘Oh, it’s Ted Wight, everything he has is a million dollars,’” he explains. “It’s not like that. I lot of them are expensive, but I don’t just do pricey. The most expensive listing I have right now is one in Huntleigh for $6 million, but my least expensive would be a condo in DeBaliviere that sold for $89,000 last year.”

“I have around 30 listings going at any given time, and I’ll take the listing if the property is architecturally interesting, if it is sellable,” Ted continues. “I love to help friends in Tower Grove, Shaw and CWE in selling their own homes and finding new ones. I honestly rarely turn down a listing because I want to help people. Usually it’s a friend or a family member; I get a referral and I get a lot of cool listings. My stretch goes from about Tower Grove to Wildwood area. That’s my focus.”

But Ted, by no means, has any interest in limiting himself. Being an outgoing, charismatic guy, thinking outside of his realm is always something that’s in the works. “I do other fun and interesting homes like a country log cabin in House Springs,” he says. “It’s 30 minutes away from the city, out Gravois Road, and it’s beyond interesting. Judy Garland, even Elvis Presley slept at this home. Not at the same time, of course. It’s called Pride’s Crossing, and it was a place where celebrities could stay if they wanted something more private. Lena Horn and Sarah Vaughn stayed out here as well. I believe it was because they couldn’t stay at the Chase back in the 40s and 50s because they were African American.”

Nothing pretentious about the guy, Ted is more interesting in finding something special in the home, regardless of price tag or prime location. If you’re in the market to find something distinctly you and customized to your personality, Ted is here to please.

“We have a lot of people that, when they move to St. Louis or are considering moving here, are always very pleasantly surprised at the quality of architecture of our homes,” he explains. “St. Louis is known for great brick homes. Places like San Francisco are known for more frame houses, and Chicago has a lot of wood homes. We’ve got this array of red clay brick homes that, especially in our historic neighborhoods, are consistent and affordable. St. Louis is just a wonderful place to buy a house. They are affordable, the homes are interesting, they are historic and are in nice neighborhoods that are easy to get around.”

While St. Louis is great on inventory with historic architecture, finding a stable modern home is something more few and far between. “It’s hard to find a good contemporary home,” Ted says. “They’re here in St. Louis, but they’re not the norm. The Grove is putting up some contemporary homes, and I’d like to see some more infill like that going in. I would say that, in the city, they embrace it more than in places like Clayton or University City. Still, St. Louis is in need of cutting-edge architecture.”

Ted defines the real estate market in the region as exciting and very stable, and that the things that are done well are selling. For 2016, St. Louis was named the second hottest real estate market in the country by realtor.com.

“2016 should be a very good year,” Ted continues. “We’ve become a real hotspot for the medical community. And with the Cortex expansion, it’s an exciting time. Plus, we’re a great place for high-tech start-ups. We’re affordable for employees to live here, and we’ve got a great Internet infrastructure downtown. We’re definitely on the uptick.”

Regarding specific areas on the uptick, where’s Ted’s newest hidden treasure? He says to look south. “I’ve been really impressed with the SoHa area,” Ted says. “I’m friends with Julie Malone of SoHa Studio + Gallery, and I used to go to her art openings and we were the only ones there. Now you go, and people are walking, great restaurants are popping up, dogs and babies, etc.”

And as far as where to invest in next? Well, you don’t have to look far. “The Grove area is going to explode,” he says. “Washington University is putting a lot of money up in the area, and people are becoming more comfortable with the concept of living there. Also, the Central West End, on the north side of the neighborhood toward Olive, Washington and Delmar, you’ll see a lot of beautiful older houses there that are run down or abandoned altogether. There’s no reason why it’s like that. I know Rothchild Development just took a building at Delmar and McPherson and was turning it into luxury apartments, so it would be nice to have that continue.”

So what about Ted’s own homes? They are both different in style and design, just how he likes to keep his portfolio. “I live in a Bernoudy-designed house in Ladue, and it’s a small one,” Ted says. “Bernoudy is a famous architect who studied under Frank Lloyd Wright, and I specialize in it because I walk the talk. At the same time, I love old houses. I have a farm up in Pike County that I share with my family, and it has a historic house on it.”


Whether you call it the “Paris on the Mississippi,” “Rome of the West,” or simply home for now, St. Louis and its style are unique, regardless if you care for it or not. “As one of the oldest cities off of the east coast, we have great architecture, a great history and, I would say, St. Louis is easy to get around in,” Ted says in closing. “The city is well-connected although it seems to be spread out. Here, you can have a friend in Tower Grove and Town & Country, and it works. St. Louis is also not so much a transient city, so when you get to know people, they stick around.”

So if you call St. Louis home but are ready for something fresh, or are new to the area and ready to completely submerge yourself in what the city has in store, Ted’s got something to offer. And as a hometown guy whose family tracks their roots to the city’s founders, Pierre Laclede and Madame Chouteau, he certainly plans on sticking around for a while


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